Electric Pallet Jack – 2.5T with Platform

Electric Pallet Jack Geolift 2.5T

Electric Pallet Jack 2.5T Heavy Weight Mover

The most economical 2.5T Electric Pallet Jack in the market. When you need to move a lot of cargo very quickly, Geolift 2.5T power pallet truck comes to your rescue!

With a platform to stand on, your goods will be moved so quickly with so little effort that you’ll be wondering why haven’t you gotten this electric pallet jack sooner!

Goods on industrial racksReliable Electric Pallet Jack

Our 2.5T battery pallet jack is so reliable that you’ll probably take a holiday before it does.

Coupled with proper servicing, be ready to use it for a long long time coming.

That is why Geolift battery pallet jacks are the workhorse in the new economy.

Worker pushing cargo on pallet in warehouse without electric pallet jackAdvanced High Powered Pallet Truck

You work long hours and expect your equipment too. With a 210Ah battery and regenerative braking, it’ll be enough to last you through 1 shift of work*.

Using the industry leader in speed controllers from Curtis Instruments, you’ll know that your goods are in good control.

Standing tall on the platform, you’ll be pushing the boundaries of your company’s productivity.

*1 shift defined as 4 sessions of 1.5hours, with 50% load capacity on mostly level ground.

Electric Pallet Jack Uses Maintenance Free Batteries Like Cars Electric Pallet Jack With Low Maintenance

Using maintenance free batteries, you will never need to worry about refilling battery water or ruining batteries because you were too busy.

After the battery’s lifespan is up, replace the batteries easily with off the shelf batteries. No more being tied to specialty batteries that drive costs up!


Battery Pallet Truck Specs at a glance


Electric Pallet Jack With High Moving Capacity

With 2 models to cover a wide spectrum of load capacity, we have you covered for up to 2500kg (2.5T) of load. Engineered with treated steel, Geolift electric pallet jacks conforms to EN1726 and EN-1175-1 standards.

The 2.5T capacity electric pallet jack comes with side rails and stand-on platform as an optional add-on while the 1.5T models is only available as a walkie version.

Electric Pallet Jacks

Feel free to drop us an email or call us should you have any questions regarding which electric pallet jack you should be using.