Scissor Lift, Aerial Work Platforms, Order Picker or Cherry Picker

Scissors Lift Platfrom

Scissors lift as it is commonly called, is also known as a cherry picker, order picker or aerial work platform depending on which industry you’re in.  To be technically correct, we carry only the order picker and aerial work platform but we still call them “scissor lifts” today because many still know them by this name in the industry. The correct terms are shown below:

Scissors Lift Platform Lift

Maxiton – Mobile Scissor Lift Platform

  • Self-powered scisscors lift platform
  • Max platform height: 4 – 12m variants
Scissor Lift - Bravi Spin GO

Bravi Spin Go (Order Picker)

  • Semi-powered order picker, ladder alternative (telescopic mast, non scissor lift)
  • Max platform height: 2.16m

Bravi Spint (Order Picker)

  • Order picker – self powered vertical platform (telescopic mast, non scissor lift)
  • Max platform height: 3.35m, self powered

The products featured below requires the VPPOC*.


Leonardo HD (Heavy Duty) Aerial Work Platform

  • Self powered single telescopic mast vertical work platform commonly known as scissor lift
  • Able to turn on the wheel axis
  • Max platform height: 2.9m
  • Up to 2 occupants.
  • Most suitable for indoor M&E

*VPPOC – Vertical Personnel Platform Operator Course.  This is different from the scissor lift operator course.

Aerial Work Platform Mandatory Inspections

The aerial work platforms requires mandatory visual inspections regularly and a load inspection at fixed intervals.  We will guide you through to process which is quick and hassle-free.

Quality Scissor Lifts Are Important

When you are considering to invest in a scissor lift, note that you are lifting someone into a high position where the risk is considerably higher. This is the reason why we carry renown European and Japanese scissor lift brands that produces high quality products with excellent track records.  You will never want to be left dangling in the air.

Is this a Scissor Lift, Cherry Picker, Order Picker or Aerial Work Platform

Well, it’s sort of all of the above, however, the name that stuck to the industry is still the scissor lift even though many are actually referring to the aerial work platform.  However, traditional scissor lifts that have the signature scissor mechanism linked with the criss-cross X patterns are facing a downward demand as advancement in technology using telescopic masts have churned out a lighter and better “scissor lift” in the form of the telescopic mast aerial work platforms.

What’s more, there isn’t any cherries to be picked in Singapore, but if you do, please let us know where they are!