Work From Home? Work Anywhere!

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Remote working can be a breeze

Telecommuting was the name back in the days before #WFH (Work From Home) become the trend. Our work from home system allows anyone to work technically from anywhere with security as the fundamentals.

Some common concerns regarding working from home

I need to take phone calls at work!

Don’t worry! We have that covered. Our telecommuting system allows you to take phone calls as if you’re in office. We are also able to set up the system with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) aka “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Services, etc..” You know the drill.

  • Need to transfer the call to another department? Checked. ✓
  • Need line to be manned by 2 or more persons so they don’t get missed? Checked ✓
  • Need to make outgoing calls at company expense? Checked. ✓
  • Need voice mail? Checked. ✓
  • Need a time-dependent response? “Our office is closed, please call again”. Checked. ✓

Whatever your requirements are we might have the solution for you.

I need to access the office network!

No worries, we can teleport your laptop virtually back into the office! With the use of a VPN, your laptop will not know where it is in cyberspace. Connect to your office as if it is in the office and access your network resources as normal!

On top of that, you’ll need a strong security system to ensure that unwanted people are kept out of your office network!

I need to pass big files around using our portable drives

Good news, you don’t need a USB stick to pass files. We can install a secure file sharing server so that only the relevant persons will access the intended files. Regardless of size.

I need my pantry and coffee supply!

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You’re on your own buddy. That being said. It’s time to hoard stock up on coffee at home. Maybe that Nespresso machine you’ve been eyeing for the longest time.
Circuit breaker update! Please get your coffee fix online and stay safe at home!

Elements to enable a work from home workplace

There are 3 fundamental systems required to enable a work from home system. (The assumption here is that an Internet is available in the office as it is the common necessity in the current office)

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  1. A telephone system that behaves as if you’re in office even though you’re working remotely

    If you’re not in the office, who is going to answer the phone calls? We have the solution for you. Our digital phone solution allows your existing office phone to be routed to ALL relevant parties’ mobile number.
    What’s more, you’ll only need digital network access and will not use up your regular mobile talk time.
  2. Safeguards accessing office local network while working from home

    A VPN (virtual private network) and a strong firewall are required to allow this to happen. Most companies would have a firewall installed in their routers. If it is not available or enabled, you might have been exposing yourself to the net unknowingly.
  3. A secure file sharing system

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Common working files or resources that colleagues use can be shared more effectively over a local network than emailing. File sharing via email duplicates the file multiple times thus clogging up the email server and reduces available email space.

Who is suitable for remote working?

Anyone who is is deskbound and is already working with a laptop at work which enables them to bring the laptop home. If you are currently working with a desktop, you’ll need some specific settings from your office such as email accounts and calendar access permissions.

What is our work from home solution?

We will drop by your office to access the requirements. A typical office with up to 10 staff will require:

  • A file-sharing server called a NAS, network-attached storage. We will implement a customised solution that will sync all files locally with your laptop and server so that everyone has the updated copy.

    The file-sharing system has versioning built-in so that if a file has been accidentally overwritten by someone else, you can recover an older copy of it to work on again. This also allows accountability and monitoring (who has been working… or not)
  • We will set up a VPN access which allows all modern devices like your mobile and laptop to access connected resources. Want to access your current CCTV over the net? No problem.
  • A digital and mobile-based telephony system will be tailored to your specific requirements. An automated voice system to prompt callers to “Press 1 for Sales” can also be done.

Contact us now for your free on-site assessment!

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We have different packages to choose from:

  1. Work from home call system
    This allows your office number to be connected to the digital system and route calls to colleagues and employees at home.
  2. Work from home, work anywhere – VPN and security suite
    Connect to your office to access your existing file servers or network resources.
  3. Work from home work anywhere – File Server
    Share large files securely from home with colleagues. Works best with VPN and security suite for ultimate safety.

You are free to choose from options 1,2 or 3 above or you can take the full suite of solution.

8 April 2020 Update! File servers are sold out at the moment. Contact us for our solution for you!

For full suite solution we will be offering a limited time offer of S$2500 (before GST, $2675 inclusive of GST) to companies.

Package comprises:

  • A 4 bay NAS with 4 x 4TB HDD in RAID configuration.
  • VPN Server and client setup.
  • Digital phone setup with a 6-months subscription (Subscription is renewable and comes 5000 minutes talk time) with up to 10 extensions.
  • Training and setup for 5 laptops
  • This package is good for companies with up to 10 staff
  • Optional upgrades: SSD, RAM, and higher tier NAS is available for larger-scale offices.
  • Larget scale offices will need an upgraded package.

Infrastructure required by the company and employee for Work From Home, Work Anywhere package:

  • Internet access to NAS via wired LAN (can be directly plugged into modem or switch). Access to modem admin page may be needed in some cases. User experience will depend on internet speed (bandwidth) of both the office and employee’s home.
  • A power supply point for the NAS (optional UPS-uninterrupted power supply is recommended, this is not included in the package)
  • Each employee needs to have a laptop with current work configuration set up.
  • Each employee needs to have a reasonable currently Android or iPhone that can receive data to receive phone calls via mobile app
  • Internet access in each employee’s home

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