• IT Solutions

    IT Solutions

    Full range of industrial and commercial IT setup for offices and warehouses.
    – seamless full WiFi coverage setup, Remote work solutions, VPN, CCTV, IP PBX, Accounting, HRMS, Data protection, etc..

    Customised IT solutions:

    • IoT switches with custom alerts to WhatsApp/Telegram/Mattermost/Slack,etc..
    • Private company messaging platform, protect your corporate discussions
    • Private cloud, on-premise for data security.

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  • Pallet Rack System

    Pallet Rack System

    The signature blue/orange rack system.

    For all of your warehousing needs,

    Call us direct at +65 8818 0828

  • Pallet Jack, Stacker & Reach Truck

    Pallet Jack, Stacker & Reach Truck

    High quality and reliable

    Available in both manual and electric versions

  • Scissor Lift – Aerial Work Platform

    Scissor Lift – Aerial Work Platform

    Platform heights from 2-18m

    Order picker / Cherry picker

    Self powered or AC driven

Full Warehouse Setup and IT Service Specialists

Your warehouse and office needs an IP PBX system more than you know.

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Check out our IT Services available.

1-Stop Warehouse Setup

Setting up your new warehouse?

Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

We have solutions for:

  • All types of racking solutions (storage or mezzanine)
  • CCTV/Alarm systems
  • Access control systems (fingerprint/card)
  • Building ancillary offices within your warehouse.
  • Electrical and network cable installations
  • Various material handling equipment (eg: Pallet Jack, Forklifts, Reach Trucks, etc..)
  • IT Infrastructure, ie: Whole office/warehouse WiFi, 10G networking,  private server, etc..

Contact us for a free consultation on all your needs today!

Private Cloud Services

Host your own services to prevent data leaks. You can run services such as:

  • PDF Multitool – delete, arrange, annotate, sign,etc..
  • File sharing
  • Private HRM
  • Project management/To do list
  • Internal chat
  • Local backup

All these without recurring subscriptions!

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We set up offices, training, and meeting rooms too!

Professional Audio Amplifier MC2 Audio DeltaNeed a functional yet impressive meeting or training room? We got you!

Let us help you set up your office with:

  • Professional sound system
  • Projection / Smart interactive boards
  • Office automation – 1 touch turn-on/off

Our automation system will allow you to have a high-tech setup without the need for an in-house technician to support the system. Just press some preset buttons and the room is ready to go!

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M&E / Handyman / Renovations Services

Need to install a new lockset? Choked pipes? Fret not. We are the one-stop solution you’ve been waiting for.

Regardless if you are taking it on for your home, shop or office. We have the solution for you and our handyman at the ready.

Customised Engineering Solutions


Have a technical issue? We have specialists to customise solutions to solve your problems.

Some of our solutions include:

  • Product / material sourcing
  • Custom-made equipment
  • Process improvement
  • M & E works

Storeroom Rack

StoreroomRack4Shelf300pxOur boltless storeroom racks are made of heavy duty industrial material that holds up to 400kg per shelf!

Don’t go for light weight racks that can’t hold up to the competition.  Get a safe heavy duty rack that gives you a peace of mind that the rack won’t collapse as you store your precious stuff in the storeroom.

Storeroom racks are the best investment you will probably make to keep your home and office neat and tidy!

Learn more about our storeroom racks>>

Pallet Jack

pallet-jack-combineThe main work horse of all warehouses, this is the must have material handling equipment for all palletised products and is consider a must have.

The trend these days is to go for electric pallet jacks.These increase efficiency many folds and gives you a competitive edge over your competition.

Learn more about our Pallet Jacks >>

Pallet Stacker

Full-Electric-StackerStackers are usually used together with pallet racks and will help you multiply your storage area by storing your goods vertically.

As the name suggests, it stacks pallets above another.

This is especially important for rising cost of floor areas.

Read more about our Pallet Stackers >>

Reach Truck

A reach truck is another type of material handling equipment that resembles a cross between a stacker and forklift.

The main difference is reach trucks can extend their forks out to ‘REACH’ the pallet without moving the entire equipment.  While it doesn’t have the power or size of forklifts.

Read more about our reach trucks >>

Pallet Rack / Boltless Rack

pallet-rackBoltless Racks are used in smaller areas like homes and offices to increase storage space instantly, they are small and quick to install.

Pallet racks are used to increase a warehouse space by building vertically. In recent years, it has caught on the blue orange signature.

When you are considering a pallet rack, you will need to consider the types of pallets you have as well as the available aisle space you have for your reach truck or stacker to operate.

Read more about our Boltless Rack or Pallet Rack >>

Silent Portable Air Compressors

Portable Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressors offer you the convenience of compressed air without being tethered to the wall or a fixed place.

Our silent range of air compressors will make sure you work well without the normal ear deafening pumps.

Read more about our Portable Air Compressors >>


Toyota Forklift

Who else other than the king of all material handling equipment, meet the forklift.

We deal with a wide range of new and used Toyota forklifts.

Read more about our Forklifts >>

Our Clients:

  • Rockwool Singapore

    Rockwool Singapore

    Roadbull Logistics Pte Ltd

    Roadbull Logistics Pte Ltd

    Lend Lease Asia Holdings Pte Ltd

    Lend Lease

    Booking Holdings




    Anytime Fitness

    Anytime Fitness

  • Changi Travel Services

    Changi Travel Services


    National University of Singapore

    Tan Tock Seng Hospital

    Tan Tock Send Hospital

    Senoko Energy Pte Ltd

    Senoko Energy

    TOLL Global Logistic

    Toll Global Logistic

    Singapore Airlines

    Singapore Airlines


Our Dedication To Material Handling Equipment And You

Our dedication to providing the best standard in material handling equipment means that you will always get quality service and reliable product.  We supply a wide range of material handling equipment like:

  • Pallet jack
  • Stacker
  • Forklift
  • Reach trucks
  • Scissor lift
  • Pallet rack
  • Label printer

We’ll Exceed Your Material Handling Equipment Requirements

We have a ready range of material handling equipment to cater for the budget conscious to the quality focussed customers.  Regardless of the range and needs, you will be able to find a suitable solution with us.

Not All Material Handling Equipment Are Created Equal

Material handling equipment are designed and built to move your precious goods or cargo is a safe and quick manner. Sadly, not all material handling equipment products are made equally.

We know this for a fact and we are committed to provide only quality and reliable products that will move your goods safely and reliably.

This ensures that your goods are taken care of and your operators work in a safe environment.