Storeroom Rack For Homes And Offices

Make the most of out your office storeroom or home bomb shelter space by adding storeroom racks in it!

Our boltless racks are suitable for both home and office storerooms racks. Designed with safety in mind, each level holds a minimum of 250kg up to 600kg of evenly distributed loads depending on your configuration!  For more information, you can check out our mini-site dedicated to boltless racks.

Our heavy-duty boltless storeroom racks have a capacity to hold loads up to 600kg per shelf of uniformly distributed load!

  • Built with heavy-duty  industrial strength material for a lifetime of sturdy use
  • Shelf capacity of up to 600KGs for most combination
  • New boltless design allows you to reconfigure the selves to your heart’s content quickly
  • Sizes from 60 x 30 x180 up to 180 x 60 x 300  (cm, w/d/h)
  • Width increments of 30cm and depth increments of 15cm
  • The picture features an L-configuration storeroom racking without a blocking centre post to optimise your storage space.
  • Available in metal and fibreboard.

Storeroom rack quality differences

Our boltless storeroom racks are produced with quality in mind, with that, we have converted what used to be industrial racks into sturdy and safe racks for homes!

With our strong warehousing equipment background, our storeroom racks are designed to be “installed & forget” thus they are rated from 250kg up to 400kg. Definitely overkill for any home but that’s the way things are built to last!

What is a boltless rack?

Traditional storeroom racks are designed with a universal L bracket strip and fastened together with a bolt at the front and nut behind.  You might notice it from the image below.

Boltless Rack Singapore
Front of traditional nut and bolt storeroom rack (Note: We don’t sell these)

While this might have served its purpose there are some racks that unfortunately that do not stand the test of time and collapse because of a loosened nut or overloaded shelf.

Boltless racks are designed in such a way that it can be built up without using and bolts. By removing the nuts and bolts from the design, the rack is now easier, faster and safer to build.  Safer because you never need to worry if the bolt and nut have loosened over time.

Modern boltless racks are self-securing

Not only is it easier to build, but it is also easy to reconfigure. If you need to resize your shelf, all you need is a mallet and 5 minutes! No more fumbling with nuts, bolts, screwdrivers and spanners!  Just take a look at the back of the traditional bolted racks.

Storeroom Rack
Back of traditional storeroom rack showing the nut fastener behind

There are 2 nuts for each post in an awkward and are hard to reach. Imagine if you have reconfigured the shelf size and realised it wasn’t big enough! No problem on a boltless rack, it gets reconfigured again in 5 minutes, try that with the tradition bolt and nut racks with 8 nuts.

Levelling is never an issue. With our unique slot in design, your shelf is always flat and level!

To be clear, we do not sell traditional nut & bolt racks mentioned above. Our racks are all boltless racks.

How to choose the storeroom rack size

Storeroom Rack Measurement Guide

Take the measurement of your storeroom from the floor. This gives the most accurate reading.

Make sure that your desired storeroom rack is at least 2cm smaller than your measurement.


To put a storeroom rack of 120cm wide, your floor measurement must be at least 122cm

The alternative is to drop us a line and we’ll guide you through the process. Contact Us

Storeroom Rack Sizes

Width (cm) Depth (cm)
90  30/45/60
120  30/45/60
150  30/45/60
180  45/60

Heights available from 184cm (standard), 216cm, 244cm and 304cm

Our position in the boltless rack industry in Singapore

Boltless Rack

We are a boltless rack supplier and stockist with our warehouse full of racking parts.  You are guaranteed fast response and installation times because we keep our own stocks and supply them to many contractors in Singapore.  Many can claim that they are getting ‘direct from the factory’ or ‘factory-direct prices’ but there are no boltless racking factories in Singapore!

Drop us a visit (other than lunchtime “lah“) and see for yourself and be the judge!

Contact us for a quotation now!

Over time, as you pile your rack with your collections, the storage rack just gets heavier, why risk a rack collapse because of an untested rack? Get a heavy-duty rack and live with peace of mind that your rack will never fail you.

Think all racks are the same? You have never seen a collapsed rack before.

*Damage refers to cracking, breaking or collapsing of the racking system not resulting from misuse, negligence or accident. (T&C applies)