Factory and Warehouse Necessities – Stretch wraps, tapes and more

We provide a wide range of warehouse miscellaneous expendables / necessities such as stretch film and tape dispensers.

Pallet Stretch Film

Pallet Stretch Film

  • Lengths : 4 – 100cm
  • Thickness: 7-70microns
  • Colours: Clear, Black, Blue and more
  • Material: PE

Pallet stretch films are the staple to any warehouse. More commonly known as the cling wrap, we have various lengths and comes with or without handles. Drop us a line about your requirements and we will get back to you asap.

Floor Marking Tape

Floor Marking Tape

  • 50mm width
  • Bright Yellow and Black
  • Self adhesive
  • Polyester

Black and Yellow marking tape for floor. Useful for demarcating danger areas such as steps, machine boundaries. Clean surface to be free of dust and grease before application.

Polyimide Tapes (aka Kapton Tape)

Kapton Tape or Polyimide Tape

  • High temperature tolerance -259°C to 259°C
  • High adhesive properties
  • High puncture and tear resistance
  • Suitable for 3D printing

Polyimide tapes are best know as Kapton tape originally developed by DuPont. They are used for very high and low temperature production environments such as reflow soldering and as an adhesive base on 3D printers.  They are also have good electrical insulation properties making them the ideal material for use in automotive engines.

Available in tape rolls of 10mm width to rolls of up to 300mm.

Teflon (PTFE) coated tapes, sheets and rings

Teflon Tape

  • Teflon coated glass cloth tapes
  • Customised teflon rings for hydraulic seals
  • Teflon sheets

Glass cloth tapes coated with teflon are mostly used in production areas where high temperature heat sealing is needed.

Available in tape rolls of various lengths

Square Cut Teflon O-Rings

Teflon Ring

Square cut Teflon O-rings are used in hydraulic systems together with rubber  O-rings to provide a good seal to prevent hydraulic oil from leaking.

We will need the Thickness, ID and OD of this item as it is mainly customised.

Automatic Tape dispensers

Automatic Tape Dispensers

  • High speed automatic tape dispensers
  • Cuts tapes to specific and consistent lengths

Automatic tape dispensers are most commonly found in production areas and increases productivity by have tapes pre-cut to your specific lengths. It is ideal in production and gift wrapping industries.