Electric Stacker Singapore Low Budget Alternative To Forklifts

Electric Stacker For Pallets

Electric stacker is best used with pallet racking. This combination will give you are floor space multiplier easily.  Do note that you’ll require open-based pallets to use electric stackers because, under the forks that lift the pallets, there are two more “legs” called the straddle (or some call it the base legs) to help the stacker stand while lifting your pallets.  Read below for more information on open-based pallets.

If your goods are not stacked already stacked on open-based pallets you might want to consider getting reach trucks so that you can lift the pallet as it is.

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Heli Full Electric Stacker

Heli Full Electric Stacker

  • Type: Electric lifting, Electric movement
  • Capacity: 1.5T
  • Height: 3m
  • 24V operation, easy charging with a normal wall plug
  • For lifting open-based pallets only

GeoLift Electric Stacker Range 

  • Type: Semi Electric and Walkie Series
  • Capacity: 1T/1.5T/2T
  • Max height: 3m/3m/2m
  • Easy charging with a normal wall plug
    • For lifting open-based pallets only

Maxiton Semi-Electric Stacker

  • Type: Electric lifting, manual pulling
  • Capacity: 1T/1.5T/2T
  • Max height: 3m/3m/2m
  • 12V operation, easy charging with normal wall plug
    • For lifting open-based pallets only

Pallet stackers bring you to new heights

With the rising cost of warehousing costs, many warehouse owners have already doubled their usable storage space by stacking pallets on top of one another using pallet stackers.

If your goods are palletised in such a manner that you can use a pallet stacker to stack your goods up you should.

If it’s not possible to stack pallets on top of one another and you are running out of space, you should most probably consider getting a pallet rack as well.

Can I use an electric stacker with all my existing pallets?

Firstly you need to take a look at the bottom of your pallets. If you have closed-based pallets like the one shown below with horizontal wood pieces running at the bottom, you will need another type of version with a wide straddle.


Open-base pallets are the most suitable and look like this


The pallet stacker can enter the pallet and lift an open pallet up with no problems.

Electric Stacker Capacity – what does that mean?

Electric stackers come in various capacities like 1T/2M (Max of 1000kg, Max of 2M height).

What it means is the ability to carry 1000kg off the floor to a reasonable height like 50cm. Any further up, the electric stacker will have reduced lifting capacity due to the extension of the mast.

So, do not expect to carry 1000kg of load up to 2m as stated on the factory’s specification of 1T/2M. Instead, what it means is your electric stacker can carry a maximum of 1T off the floor. At 2M you can safely expect that the stacker can carry about 400 to 500kg of cargo.

There will be a similar chart like the one below on the electric stacker to help you determine the max load when using your electric stacker.

electric stacker load chart

Load Capacity Chart From Wikipedia

Do Electric Stackers Need Servicing?

As with all equipment, yes, some regular tender loving care would ensure that your equipment will go a long way. Regular inspection of parts that will wear out, greasing them, checking of hydraulic fluids, and battery health is what goes into a normal servicing run. The aim is to catch issues when they are small before it becomes a major one.

Do we have manual hand pallet stackers?

Yes, we do carry manual hand pallet stackers on request as well but it isn’t something we promote because of safety concerns.

Raising a pallet stacker is very similar to raising a pallet jack.

You have to pump the handle in an up-down fashion to raise the pallets, each pump raising the pallet by only a few mm.

When you have to do this for several pallets, the operator gets worn out and tired. As a result, safety is compromised because fatigue sets into the operator.  In contrast, an electric pallet jack works by flicking a switch on the handle to lift the loads. This is a lot easier compared to the pumping action of a manual pallet stacker.

What is the difference between the semi and full electric pallet stackers

Both models will raise and lower the pallet by the push of a button.  However, the fully electric version allows you to glide the pallet stacker along the floor easily because it is powered by an electric motor.

So, for the semi-electric model, you will have to pull it along the floor using good old traditional hand power.

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